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Important Information

Due to the challenges in transporting perishable products such as cheese, our website currently accepts orders for collection from our home base in Overstone, or from a fair we are attending in your area.
Alternatively postal deliveries are now available at a chargeable cost for a 24hr tracked service to ensure freshness of our products.

Our smokehouses & the smoking process

Originally we thought one small smokehouse would be plenty, but how wrong we were! We started off with a simple wooden smokehouse, not unlike a domestic tall tool store, kitted out with removable stainless steel bars.

Later on we decided to buy an additional multi-functional ‘barrel’ type smokehouse. This can function as a hot smoker too if needed. Smaller in size, its very efficient for cold-smoking, especially the garlic.

Customers often ask ‘How come the cheese doesn’t melt during the smoking process?’ Well, because we use a system of cold-smoking, the temperature of the cheese is regulated by the ambient temperature outside, there is no ‘cooking’ process involved.

Finding the right site for a smokehouse can be challenging, especially during the warmer months, so a nice shady yet accessible spot is ideal. In the summer months we may complete our cold-smoking in the evenings to ensure the cheese is kept below a certain temperature.

A metal artisan is sited at the base of the smokehouse, filled with fine sawdust, then lit with a tea-light. This gently infuses the products with whichever natural wood we have chosen. No chemicals are involved, all woods are completely natural and the smoke flavours are carefully selected to compliment the original taste of the food rather than overpower them, that’s where the art is involved.

Once smoked the products are carefully transported to our kitchen, where they are hand packed and labelled.

Taste and quality are paramount to us, so all our products are carefully smoked by hand in small batches right here in Rural Northamptonshire. A sample from each batch is taste tested before products go on sale to ensure consistency and good taste.

What our customers say...


I bought some of your cheeses recently for a friend. Absolute success I believe – thanks x


If you love cheese and condiments, I guarantee you will not be disappointed as they are absolutely delicious


Looking forward to replenishing my cheese stock.


Your hampers are a must! Totally tasty cheese!


Thank you so much to Our Little Smokehouse for the amazing cheeses, chutneys, jam and seasonings. Not going to lie I’ve eaten half the cheddar and chilli jam already. I highly recommend purchasing, they are the most amazing I have ever tasted and I will definitely be a returning customer.